Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little history lesson!

We have just finished reading the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and we are beginning the book of Esther.
Did you know this?

Between chapters 6 and 7 of Ezra, three great world battles (Salamis, Thermopylae and Marathon were fought: and two great world leaders (Confucius and Buddha) died! Time elapsed: fifty eight years!
(516-458 B.C.)

In the Old Testament, Esther (which takes place in previously named period) follows Nehemiah; in history, the events of Esther occur thirty years BEFORE Nehemiah!

The purposes of God are sometimes delayed; but never abandoned!

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da momma said...

Im thankful for your leadership, encouragement and wisdom. This is so interesting and Im WAY behind...Im so mad I havent stayed on it!! Pray for me to get back on the train! :)