Monday, April 12, 2010

Time to share what you are learning

There is so much to take in these past few books! Wow! I am working hard to stay on track, but I really want to divert and read whole commentaries on prophets like Elijah and Elisha!

One thing that really jumped out at me was in II Kings 5:13 when Naaman's officers tried to reason with him when he was not content with the prophet Elisha's simple instructions for him to be healed. Sometimes, I think God gives us easy, simple directions and we doubt His sovereignty and wisdom. In our mind, we think a situation or remedy should be so much harder or difficult. When, in reality, He has blessed us with a simple solution!

What are the rest of you learning?


julie said...

All of these kings we are reading about were so entrenched in worshipping other gods, even if they knew who the real God was! It makes me wonder, is there idol worshipping going on in our culture that we are blind to? Something that is so much a part of our culture, that we can't let go of?

da momma said...

Im learning that Satan likes to steal my time and how far behind I am. Im starting new again today...Wait....what is today? Ah ha! We are in Chronicles! Great time to jump back in!

Kelly said...

So I sneaked a peek yesterday at our reading for today...overwhelming! NINE chapters of "his son was __, who had sons named __..." But what I kept thinking through the reading was how detailed this geneology is. All these different branches detailed with some history on some of the families and individuals. The writer even refers to "genealogical records" from which this is all derived.
I've heard people question whether OT stories are history or stories. I didn't have any particular doubts myself, but when you look at today's reading, how can you have doubts? I never knew this was here - detailed geneology from ADAM to David and beyond. It's not allegory. It's history. I now have a knew pillar in my faith!

The Porter Family said...

So excited to do this mornings reading and revisit the 'census' issue we discussed at the last meeting (2Sam 24). 1Chron 21 gives another version of the same story of David taking the census and God being angry! We were right in our discussion that it was more about David's motivation, his pride in the large numbers of his army, than about the action of takig the census. I love when our questions get answered!! It also is a great reminder that I must keep my motivation and heart pure for HIM.

da momma said...

"Whitney thoughts" about a few verses...
17:11 What does God want to do with my children?
17:18 how intimate is MY love relationship with Him?
18:23,24 What does God want me to do as a result of my love relationship with Him?
18:26 "Oh Lord, YOU ARE GOD!" What is my basic prayer??
19:4 Cut holes in their garments at the hiney?? :) Did they pin them down to shave their beards, then flip 'em over to cut the patch out?? Makes me laugh!
19:6 in my study bible says that the "Ammonites had become a "Stench" in Davids nostrils"...
and as I read on thru Chapters 20&21 a lightbulb went off that the little David who killed Goliath now kills others giants with 6 fingers and toes, descendants of! AND wears a crown that weighs 75#!!
Im enjoying reading again!!
Hope yall are too!!
Press On Sistas!

Roach Momma said...

I'm right there with Julie. I was very convicted by 2 Kings 17:34 "And his is still going on today. They continue to follow their former practices instead of truly worshiping the Lord and obeying the decrees, regulations, instructions, and commands he gave the decendents of Jacob..."
How often do I "relapse" back to my old ways after turning to the Lord in praise or in need? What are the "idols" in my life? After David's sermon yesterday I was convicted again when he said something to the effect that idolitry is pursuing anything other than God. Ouch. I could name so many things. Confession was/is definitely in order. Deep stuff.